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Mind Your Brain: Tips for a Healthy Noggin

Mind your brain: Tips for a healthy noggin

Keeping your brain fit is just as important as exercising your body. A good diet, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and social involvement all play a part in maintaining brain function. Together, they can help stave off age-related cognitive decline.

Älsa can also be a part of your healthy brain routine, with two servings a day providing an optimal dose of brain-boosting Cognizin® citicoline. Found in every cell of your body, citicoline is a natural nutrient vital to brain health. Cognizin is a branded form of citicoline that has been clinically tested to sustain mental energy, enhance mental focus and concentration, and support healthy memory function. 

In the most recent human clinical trial,* researchers observed increases in brain activity among healthy middle-aged adults who took Cognizin over a six-week period. The increases were particularly noticeable during tasks that require sustained attention or memory. 

Here are more tips to keep your brain going strong:

  • Be physically active at least 30 minutes a day, every day. Exercise helps maintains blood flow to the brain and stimulates the growth of new brain cells.
  • Challenge your brain. Learning a new skill, solving puzzles, reading – all are great ways to stimulate your intellect and keep your noggin nimble.
  • Eat wise. Fatty fish like salmon are a great source of DHA, which is vital to brain development and health. Eggs are rich in lutein and Vitamin E, both of which promote brain health. And fruits and vegetables – the more colorful the better – protect your brain with anti-inflammatory polyphenols.
  • Stay socially connected. For a sharp memory, spend more time with friends, family and engaged in your community. According to a Harvard study of American adults ages 50 and up, those who engaged in the highest levels of social activity had the slowest rate of memory loss – less than half, in fact, compared to the least social active participants.

Ready to learn more? Here’s a short library of studies and articles on the brain-boosting benefits of Cognizin and citicoline:

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*conducted by the Harvard Medical School-affiliated Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital, Middleborough, Mass.