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Focus on the Holidays

Focus on the Holidays

From travel planning to gift shopping to party going, the deluge of activity that arrives with the holidays is enough to drive the most organized among us to distraction. Cognizin® citicoline, a premium ingredient in Älsa, is a powerful tool to help you stay focused and sharp through the holiday whirlwind. A natural substance found in every human cell, citicoline is vital to brain health, and its many benefits have been touted in a growing body of research. Cognizin is a branded form of citicoline that is clinically tested to sustain mental energy, enhance mental focus, and promote healthy memory function.

Because citicoline’s effectiveness builds over time, making Älsa a twice-a-day ritual is a great way to sustain the focus you need to deal with the demands of the season, whether you’re hitting the road with kids in tow or hosting a holiday feast.

Along with your daily Älsa, here are few other tips to help you get the most out of the holidays:

  • Learn to say no. Mark your calendar with the holiday commitments that are most meaningful to you and decline those that aren’t. Conserve your energy for the moments that matter – you’ll enjoy them more and have fonder memories.
  • Exercise and eat right on the days you can so that you can splurge without guilt on a few seasonal treats when the temptation presents itself.
  • Make a good night’s sleep a priority. Sleep experts recommend seven to nine hours a night to keep your mind sharp and say anything less than six hours can compromise your health.
  • Start off right with a healthy breakfast. This Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie is packed with protein and powered by Älsa, giving you the fuel you need to make it through a full day of holiday fun.

Here’s to making yours a happy, memorable and focused holiday!