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Fight Short-Day Fatigue

Fight Short-Day Fatigue

There’s a reason you feel more tired in winter. Shorter days with less light trigger the body to produce more of the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, leaving you drowsy well before bedtime. And as melatonin levels rise, serotonin levels dip, adding a touch of the blues to the seasonal slump.

It’s time to take back your days. When the urge to hibernate hits, reach for a glass of Älsa. PURENERGY®, a premium ingredient in Älsa, is formulated to deliver caffeine more efficiently, providing six hours of healthy, sustained energy without an unpleasant jolt or sudden drop. Have one glass mid-morning and another mid-afternoon for an all-day lift that will taper off gently just in time for bed.

Here are a few more tips to get you through the winter well-fueled:

  • Natural light is a powerful energy-lifter, so throw back the curtains, raise the blinds and let the sunshine in as long as it lasts.
  • Take a late afternoon walk or run. You’ll get the benefits of exercise and daylight, and the timing will give you an energy boost into the evening that will help you fight the urge to turn in too early.
  • Keep meals healthy. Cold weather and short days can lead to overindulgence in comfort foods heavy in simple carbs that will take you from an energy high to low in no time. Instead, focus on lean proteins, complex carbs and fresh produce. Revamp winter favorites, such as hearty stews, with plenty of vegetables and grab a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you fueled.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. When the alarm goes off before the sun comes up, it’s tempting to hit snooze and retreat under the covers. Resist that urge and make it a habit to rise and go to bed on the same schedule each day.
  • For a great, protein-rich breakfast choice with the added benefit of Älsa, try our Mango Citrus Lassi recipe. Its cheery golden hue is like sunshine in a glass!