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Cool Summer Drink Recipes with Älsa

Summer is in full swing, and as the temperature rises, energy levels can fizzle. But who has time to slow down? A tall, cool glass of Älsa twice a day is a great way to stay energized and clear-headed in the summer heat, thanks to premium ingredients PURENERGY for long-lasting energy and Cognizin citicoline for mental focus.

Try a few twists to keep your Älsa routine fresh this summer. Älsa can be added to breakfast smoothie recipes for energy benefits that last well into the afternoon. Then for a midday break, simply substitute sparkling water for still with your favorite Älsa flavor. Or, get creative and whip up one of these great healthy energy drink recipes that make the most of summer’s market-fresh fruits:

  • Make a pitcher’s worth of a flavorful tea/juice blend in advance and keep it in your fridge as a base to use whenever you need an Älsa break. Our own concoction: this Peach Vanilla Honeybush Iced Tea. Just pour it into a tall glass, mix in an Älsa packet in your choice of flavors and go!
  • A healthy energy mocktail makes a great treat for weekend brunch.  Serve your guests this Raspberry Dragon Fruit Mock Mojito to keep the mood lively.
  • No drink says summer quite like homemade lemonade. Give the front porch classic an antioxidant- and energy-rich twist with this colorful Pomegranate Blueberry Lemonade recipe.
  • The Diva Gals at recently shared their current favorite post-workout Älsa blend: ½ banana, ½ cup pitted cherries, InFusion Iced Herbal Tea and a packet of Älsa Dragon Fruit.

Let these recipes inspire your own Älsa creations. Just mix your choice of fresh or frozen fruits with 16 oz of water, juice or tea and a packet of Älsa and enjoy. Salut!